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central air conditioning industry centrifuge forever focus

Font Size: [Big][Mid][Small] 2011-5-12

  Although no like variable frequency VRF with breathtaking as the speed of the growth, also did not like BC source heat pump units and air can heat pump water heater units with rapid growth in recent years as the market share and future potential market space to soliciting idea, but whenever there is a new machine exhibition or new technology release can always draws the attention and countless countless people eyes focused on, this is the central air conditioning industry, especially in the status of centrifuge, Chinese market.

  In the Chinese market is always with four foreign centrifuge brand (Johnson controls york brand, kalee, trane, mike Wells) put together was talking about, even four foreign brand once in the Chinese market became centrifuge pronoun, and from product technology and brand awareness and market share to see, this phenomenon is worthy of it. The core technology has been mastered centrifuge in four foreign brand hand and four foreign brand is overwhelmingly in centrifuge field leading strong brand, judging from the market share, Chinese market at present the famous buildings used centrifuge are basically four foreign brands of centrifuge choose and buy products. The four foreign brand of Chinese centrifuge market basically monopolize has been hold, from the pattern of the China central air conditioning market report released from 2007 figure, 2010, four foreign - brand market share in China respectively centrifuge 94.3%, as high as 90.2% diagnosing perforation,,, 87.5. From the above data easy to proof although in recent years including South Korea is brand, homebred brand all four foreign monopoly hoping to break the pattern of Chinese centrifuge market and is give a great effort, from actual results to see though has obtained some achievements but still can't shake four foreign status.

  As the central air conditioning's largest refrigeration equipment, centrifuge production has the entry threshold, high technique is difficult, related technical characteristics, wide and also because these features exists objectively centrifuge become central air conditioning industry representatives of high technology content, and whether can produce centrifuge can also as a central air conditioning equipment production enterprise and brand with high technology content and whether one of the benchmarking technical achievements. It is also for this reason in exquisite professional, technical content of central air conditioning circles, many has aspirations to become the central air conditioning industry large enterprise or brand of equipment production enterprise in recent years are to be centrifuge research and development and the production as the goal, homebred brand climb of such as midea, gree, shield Ann, guangzhou stars, Shanghai enterprise all have KeMao etc products production and sales of centrifuge. Even if is the predominant VRF technology including brand also hopes to strengthen tie in China marketing efforts, centrifuge such as guangzhou Hitachi, mitsubishi heavy industries, century east yuan (Taiwan east and South Korea century of the joint venture company) and LG japan-korea brand also strengthened the centrifuge products in the Chinese market promotion and sales. And another American enterprise dunham-bush is active in the Chinese market promotion and sales of its products, expect from four centrifuge the centrifuge foreign partake precincts. Another individual upstream compressor manufacturing enterprise sortie centrifugal compressor is selling to expect to enter centrifuge manufacturing production enterprise provides opportunity (each big brands of centrifugal compressor is basically a himself production primarily).

  Another driving the businesses into centrifuge field because the Chinese centrifuge market the big cake basically also belong to low competition category, because the four foreign capital in centrifuge field, which a monopoly market competition is not fully, compared to other profit central air-conditioning products is higher. Although with other central air conditioning products high speed development and competition, centrifuge product in the Chinese market decline in market share, but because it has the particularity of products in the Chinese market centrifuge products rigid demand never decrease, is still a relatively steady trend in gradually increase, according to the central air conditioning market report shows: China centrifuge products market capacity of about 32 billion yuan, accounting for the entire China central air conditioning market 7.6%. In China's central air conditioning market high-speed development today, such a relatively large insufficient competition in the market to bring other over competing brand appeal is huge, also prompted many brands to enter this can both huge profits can also increase brand awareness and reputation of the domain of the main cause.

  With the brand outside the four foreign capital entering China in succession, let this centrifuge market together the increasingly fierce competition in the market, but also to the relatively calm field injected fresh vitality. If all the centrifuge, including four production enterprise began to strengthen the new technology development and production of new product, at the same time also strengthened the centrifuge product conduct propaganda and promotion, the most typical promotion case namely gree will centrifuge product advertising done CCTV such a super promotion platform, will consistently in the industry of centrifuge product show in circulation of the ordinary people's eyes, achieved unexpected effect. But the way the gree clearly not adapt to promote the enterprise, so all of most centrifuge manufacturing enterprise, it becomes a refrigeration exhibition to showcase its propaganda, another product, technology strength centrifuge platform, in such good public platform within a circle will own advantages and technical concept in the sight of the show insiders, the expectations in the reaction and sensation and allow participants to remember their own brands to drive the enterprise in the sale of future centrifuge for all exhibitors most fundamental purpose.

  The 2011 April 7-9 held in Shanghai at the 22nd Chinese refrigeration exhibition, Johnson controls york brand, trane, mike Wells, midea, gree, Shanghai KeMao, guangzhou stars, century the teco and LG display their brand enterprise all the centrifuge products, while other centrifuge production enterprise although not exhibition but also have specialized technical personnel to exhibition live visit, learning other enterprises exhibitors products and technology, understand the future development trends of the technology of centrifuge products for their enterprise in future centrifuge producing and marketing of products to provide relevant information and materials. This exhibition companies from the centrifuge products, the author summarizes the see some popular words and characteristics, and these also can be regarded as the development trend of future years centrifuge.

  Energy saving, efficiency: the two words basically appears at the all exhibitors among the product introduction, and not the exhibition of the new vocabulary, as early as in all previous centrifuge production enterprises are to be energy efficient as the characteristics of their products. And these two terms is mainly two aspects of popular influence factors: one is now global energy is becoming more severe strain situation, saving energy became the global human common interest demand, while the Chinese government issued a policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the energy-saving measures to encourage and support; 2 the benefit from using square, saving energy efficient products to consider using use can reduce the cost, but also the use of fang products gained a tool use approval. Whichever things into consideration, as the hvac equipment building energy consumption of large energy efficiency and energy saving is all equipment production enterprise development direction, and various enterprises of different is using different techniques and methods to improve their can effect comparing, to achieve higher energy saving effects were also own enterprise lead a trend of other firms.

  Environmental protection, environmental protection and energy saving McQuay: put together to talk about. Always In hvac areas outside of environmental protection, except the use of emissions reduction by more the refrigerant discussed. The Montreal convention and the Kyoto protocol to the hvac areas are now has a guiding the direction of environmental effect, especially the Montreal convention for containing fluorine material in the strict control regulations is suspended in has been using containing fluorine refrigerants central air conditioning industry head makelisi blade, it was also because the Montreal convention, the reason of the ozone layer for its McQuay refrigerants 0 damage is now a fully environmental-protection refrigerants and was strongly. But the crux of the problem is that the Kyoto protocol on climate for greenhouse gases in the damage has risen to a certain height, for it to the ozone layer, the McQuay damage (ODP) to 0, but its greenhouse effect (GWP) really for 1600, far higher than the 120 GWP R123. So also does not like propaganda McQuay as is completely environmental-protection refrigerants, also can be regarded as a kind of transitional environmental-protection refrigerants, some industry experts say is now entirely environmental-protection refrigerants (ODP is 0, GWP extremely low) research continues, and the new completely environmental-protection refrigerants r&d after the success, so future McQuay will replace the central air-conditioning industry environmental road is very long. And this is the future competition each enterprise another direction.

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