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The application of inverter in pile centrifuge

Font Size: [Big][Mid][Small] 2011-5-12

  As a kind of frequency converter is very high degree of automation equipment, have the electronic speed wide speed range, high precision and speed stability, to achieve automatic control, convenient operation, has become the other control equipments, comparable products not widely used in various fields.


  Pile machine in has not adopted widely used frequency electromagnetic motors, before speed or dc motor speed. Due to the electromagnetic precision motor speed, speed range is limited, some require high speed can not be achieved. And, because pile production process, the need to run different speed and time, can rely on operating workers manual adjustment speed with a stopwatch calculation, the running time of the different speed. So, it caused operating labor intensity particularly big, the production efficiency is very low also. If energy is not focused, and operators might also cause pile to factory scrapped, huge losses.


  Three crystal electrical according to the characteristics of pipe production, customizes suitable for various kinds of pile machine, which has inverter start torque, it can automatic operation without the need of artificial operation control device for pipe centrifuge, now still adopts the sliding speed pile machine provides the convenience reconstruction. Three crystal frequency conversion using built-in PLC, to each shows time can accurately control, very convenient for operation is set, it may, according to the size of the pipe and the operating requirements to set the parameters, such as: this device according to production pile size of different, four piles were set up the operation mode, each mode can set seven different running frequency and running time. Running frequency and time is can according to production pile size, raw materials and other technical requirements set arbitrary, enhanced the production efficiency, has the very good energy-saving effect, alleviate the operation worker's Labour intensity by the majority of users of good * hammered.the machine. The construction industry with the use of the pile foundations, use more widely. As a follow-up investigation of the pile machine production, because the production requirements, need to motor speed. In a different time, run at different speeds, run at different time in order to ensure the product quality, the pipe to the operation of equipment raised very tall requirement.


  The main circuit of frequency converter the rectifier circuit AC/DC or inverter circuits DC/AC will harmonics of electric network and motor, has certain influence and consequences. Now electronic technology continues to mature, all sorts of harmonic impact, can adopt corresponding methods control within a certain range, adopt measures as follows: choose quality indexes good. Our products are of frequency converter harmonic indicator; The voltage THD weight: more than 5 percent; On the current weight: THD acuities 3%. Increase restraint ofharmonic device. For example ac reactor, dc reactor, output reactor, input output filter, magnetic ring zero sequence circuit reactance and signal filter, etc. To install location, distance, shielding, isolation to wait to have strict requirements and methods. More related inverter knowledge all in ring trade ogilvy inverter home!

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