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Iraq want to install new uranium enrichment plant centrifuge

Font Size: [Big][Mid][Small] 2011-5-12

  According to xinhua Tehran April 11 (xinhua) Iran's atomic organization chairman of FeiLeiDui o Brazil on 10 harish, said Iran will be in forset much uranium enrichment plant installed centrifuges.

  Brazilian da harish, o, says Iran is for forset much uranium enrichment plant manufacturing lower energy consumption, reactive unit "higher" separate new generation of centrifuge. He says Iran before the installation centrifuge international atomic energy agency to report related issues.

  Brazilian da harish, o, says Iran will not stop the production of uranium, purity of 20%, according to the schedule for the Tehran research scheduled with nuclear reactor provide nuclear fuel. Moreover, Iran plans in the next few years to build four to five in all new nuclear reactor.


  Currently there are two Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, one place is located in natanz, purity of ongoing 20% of the uranium enrichment activities, another is located forset much, there is still being built.

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