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High-speed freeze centrifuge work problems and solve

Font Size: [Big][Mid][Small] 2011-5-12

  The centrifuge prototype test already established seven rotor type of control subroutine, suitable for thousands of turns to the rotor turning 30,000. In the applications, users just through the keyboard input user by use of rotor model.


  2 system operation results


  The control failure and system mechanical failure etc should be timely detection and alarm, close all control object, make the system loss to minimum. At the same time to detect some production of fault has no effect on showed no damage, such as keys, it should be normal, but not alarm prompt the operator to stop production


Hydraulic pressure balance by the realization way with pressure is pressurized. Coexist When the pressure difference (need to pressure an actual pressure) bigger when to use strong compression, pressure is zero output method; Differential pressure is lesser, pressure by weak compression, zero output method; The negative pressure (pressure for a practical need the pressure with negative) just as pressure is zero, pressure output way. The process is simple, but the actual in process control because of system response lag phenomenon, its algorithm in the actual test should be adjusted, in order to achieve the most satisfactory control results.


3 commissioning the medical centrifuges appear the problems and solutions



  (1) because the production workshop there beside a industrial frequency quench furnace and an electric car asked, industrial interference more serious, the system normal work to bring root big effect, often make program appear "run fly" phenomenon. Therefore, we have taken some anti-disturbance measures. Including:


  A. software anti-interference measures;


  B. hardware besides using white reduction measures, and strengthen the construction of the isolation measures;


  C. adopt independent power (and interference source points phase) or add UPS power;


  D. relay coil absorbing circuit add IRC. With these measures, the system is normal work, again not seen crash phenomenon.



  (2) sampling freeze centrifuge signal instability, affect the reliability of the control. Due to the interference serious, affect the stability of losing ^ level signal sampling signal appears, lead to false phenomenon, caused the misoperation. We according to the analysis of the phenomena appeared in the former stage, and finally add hardware filter circuit solve the problem.

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