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How preliminary selection technology problems centrifuge answer

Font Size: [Big][Mid][Small] 2011-5-12

  First, low speed centrifuge

  Low speed centrifuge except application in textile, chemical, environmental protection and other traditional industry outside, now a lot of application in pharmaceutical enterprise, in order to realize the separation of liquor, because the pharmaceutical enterprises industry strict regulation, medicinal centrifuge basic slab airtight model, in order to reduce the pollution or damage or may improve health, part contacting materials adopts stainless steel material or overall use stainless steel materials, the machine had no health blind Angle, clean, this type of centrifuges have basically throughout the pharmaceutical industry, plus the blood separation around 3,000 revolutions with small centrifuge, constitute the whole low-speed industrial centrifuge system, also infiltrated the associated with biological medicine of other industries. Such centrifuge must comply with the national GMP can be used.

  Second, high-speed medical centrifuge

  The current high medical centrifuge production mainly focus on Beijing, Shanghai and hunan, such centrifuge technology is simple, general multi-purpose zones centrifuge, zones centrifuge is the density, according to the sample solution cell, the virus, the gradient of DNA molecules for the separation and collect, the add samples and sample adopts continuous under way, in widely used in production process of outside, now also used in laboratory equipment. Due to the dc frequency conversion motor or brushless dc motor, speed, general adjustable and has the high speed, in order to reduce the body and drum weight, shell generally USES plastic or other not easy reaction alloy materials, internal often USES light alloy or other reaction material to be made.

  High-speed medical centrifuge with biomedical extremely fast in recent years, has made great progress, has been formed the market alone from low speed centrifuge pattern, the expected future growth will continue, and attract more research institutions, at the same time, high speed into medical centrifuge is centrifuge industry technology development the fastest classification products.

  In medical industry centrifuge scope special wide, blood separation, virus research, DNA research, medicine and so on to use the purification of the centrifuge. Micro level of cells, DNA molecules are a high-speed centrifuge research, medical, high-speed centrifuge separation such as 5000 turn above speed usually six million, turn the following, can provide million times in the centrifugal force of gravity acceleration the separation of small molecules. And 3,000 revolutions is commonly used in blood separation can be the centrifuge, the current basically most manufacturers can production, in be used actually also has received the good effect. And drugs such as used in the refining process purification of centrifuge is generally low speed centrifuge, speed in large quantity under 3,000 revolutions, to meet GMP pharmaceutical production and requirement, is normally use plate-type stainless steel material production.

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